Bus Accident Attorney in Bay Area

In the Bay Area, accident cases primarily focus on the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), including their busses and the SF Muni, the lightweight rail system. If you use public transportation to commute to work, head into the city for the afternoon, or let your children use for transportation, you expect the system to put safety first. When something happens to compromise that safety, such as a faulty component, a careless driver on the road, or the bus driver’s negligence, you deserve fair compensation to cover the costs associated with the injury.

The Complexities of Bus Accident Cases

Bus accidents are fairly rare occurrences, but when they happen, they can cause serious and life threatening injuries. A bus is any transportation vehicle accommodating more than 10 passengers at a time. These include large vans, trolleys, shuttles, and other vehicles.

Busses are considered common carriers, and bus drivers must adhere to strict industry regulations and requirements to maintain safety and timeliness in Bay Area transit. The professional nature of the industry means bus drivers have a higher level of responsibility on the roadways compared to average citizens. When they fail to uphold those standards and behave in a careless manner, those affected may choose to take legal action against them.

The initial investigation will look into who caused the accident and why. Pursuing swift legal action can improve a victim’s ability to obtain fair compensation, particularly when a government agency is responsible for the accident.

What to Do in the Aftermath of a Public Transportation Accident

When busses and other public transportation vehicles have an accident, multiple people may suffer an injury. If you can, take pictures with your phone and get contact information from people around you. Make sure to attend to your own injuries first before checking if anyone else needs immediate attention.

Sometimes, injuries don’t manifest until days or weeks after an accident. When you speak to investigators at the scene or after, avoid talking about injuries. Even if you believe you are uninjured, avoid talking about your own situation until you speak with an attorney. Always seek medical attention if you believe you experienced whiplash or spine injury. Recognizing any injuries and speaking with an attorney soon after the accident will improve your ability to hold a government agency or another party responsible for the accident.

Finding a Bus Accident Attorney

Bus accidents often cause whirlwinds of activity. You may see several doctors in the days following the accident, speak with agency representatives and law enforcement officers, or be presented with a settlement offer. Contacting an experienced bus accident attorney who is familiar with the rules and regulations governing San Francisco area public transportation can improve your ability to bring the responsible party to justice.

At the Law offices of Sterns & Walker, our Bay Area attorneys understand the regulations busses in the area must follow to continue operating. We have access to some of the area’s best investigators and other experts who help us develop strong bus accident cases. There is no excuse for a professional transportation driver to get behind the wheel impaired by fatigue or substances or to behave carelessly while driving. Victims have the right to hold negligent parties accountable for their actions after an accident, and our attorneys fight hard to make sure all our clients have that opportunity.

The vast majority of our personal injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. In other words, if we don’t secure compensation on your behalf, you won’t pay us for our services. Contact our Oakland office for a free case evaluation today.