Gerald C. Sterns honored at ABOTA

Gerald C. Sterns honored at American Board of Trial Advocates Event

The American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) is a national organization, headquarted in Dallas, Texas, and made up of trial lawyers of distinction from the Plaintiff and Defense Bars. Membership is by invitation after a peer review and vetting process that includes input from the local judiciary and opponents in court who know the candidate. The highest level of membership is “Diplomate” and is available only to seasoned members who have 200 jury trials to verdict, or equivalent in experience. These lawyers are accorded special recognition by the Board at annual meeting and other events.

ABOTA is fundamentally dedicated to preserving the Right to achieving justice through Trial by Jury, when needed, in any and all civil matters, and carries on a wide range of programs to this end and in general to further the public understanding of the role played by real courtroom advocates on behalf of those who come before the courts with claims or defenses. Other areas where ABOTA leads in this vital area of democracy through the ABOTA Foundation are:

The San Francisco Chapter, including the surrounding and adjacent counties, recently honored Gerald C. Sterns on his long and distinguished service as a member of the trial bar. Mr. Sterns has held Diplomate status in the Chapter for some years, having handling numerous complex and high profile matters in aviation, product liability and general personal injury and wrongful death law. He was first admitted to ABOTA in 1970, as a young trial lawyer, and has been active with the group since. His practice extends nationally, and has also involved a number of cases from overseas.