NHTSA Could Soon Have Stronger Recall Powers

Under the current system, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration must ask an automaker to initiate a recall, when it believes that a particular motor vehicle has a serious defect. The agency does not have the authority to initiate the recall on its own. However, under the provisions of a recent transportation safety bill, the… read more

Teen Distracted Driving Rate Drops after Texting Bans

According to a study of states that recently implemented laws banning texting while driving for all motorists, teenagers who lived in states with these bans were much more likely to give up these practices compared to teens in those states that do not have bans on texting while driving. California has laws that ban the… read more

General Motors Faces Criminal Charges Arising Out Of Defective Ignition Switch

General Motors’ troubles over defective ignition switches in its vehicles, that are believed to have killed more than 100 people, continue. The Department Of Justice is allegedly considering bringing criminal charges against the automaker. The criminal charges will be related to alleged misstatements that the company made about the ignition switches in several of its… read more

Can You Be Liable in an Accident If You Were Not Driving the Car?

A person may be held liable for injuries resulting from an accident, even if he was not the one driving the car at the time of the accident. Under California laws, for instance, a commercial drinking establishment that serves alcohol, like a restaurant, club or any other similar establishment, can be liable in certain types… read more

Study on Plane Passengers in Near-Crash Reveals Long-Term Effect of Trauma

The human brain may continue to experience the consequences of trauma long after the near-death incident or life-threatening incident is over. According to a new study that monitored a group of people who experienced a near-plane crash, the consequences of the trauma continued to linger for years after the incident, even if the persons did… read more