Filing a Plane Crash Lawsuit in Bay Area

Most plane crash litigation revolves around the question of negligence: did a particular individual or company—such as an airline or aircraft operator—behave in a negligent or irresponsible way that caused the accident?

Many aviation accidents are class action lawsuits. Such lawsuits involve a large group of people who collectively file a legal claim. Class action aviation lawsuits generally involve a number of passengers or surviving relatives bringing suit against an airline—most often stemming from an aviation accident that led to the deaths or injuries of multiple passengers.

Establish The Existence Of a Wrong

To file a lawsuit, you must be able to demonstrate the existence of a wrong that has been done against you–or, in the case of a class action lawsuit, a large group of people. This wrong must be identified in detail in a complaint that is filed with the court.

Hire a plane crash lawyer

Never file a lawsuit against an airline, pilot, or airport without the assistance of an experienced aviation accident lawyer. Only an experienced aviation accident lawyer has the expertise to judge the worth of your claim, based on aviation law precedent, and to determine the best legal strategy for your case.

File Your Plane Crash Lawsuit

File your suit against the pilot, airline, or airport. This suit may be for damages caused either by negligence or a defect in the plane itself.

Cases involving defective parts of a plane will lead to the plane manufacturer being named as a defendant in the suit. In these cases, designers, pilots, operators, manufacturers, and even marketers associated with an aviation accident can be held liable.

Once the suit is underway, the defendant is served with notice of the lawsuit, and is allowed time to prepare its defense. The defendant may also reply by filing a countersuit. This may entail either an attempt to settle the issue or engage in an alternative dispute resolution, or choosing to contest the claim.

Appear in Court

Some plane crash lawsuits are tried in court, but the vast majority of them are settled before ever appearing in a courtroom. Only an experienced aviation attorney can advise you as to which course of action is in your best interest.

Experienced Plane Crash Attorneys

Since its founding in 1977, Sterns & Walker has negotiated settlements and achieved verdicts in hundreds of aviation cases around the world, including almost every major air carrier accident case of the past three decades. If you are seeking exceptional legal representation in connection with an aviation or other major accident, contact the Law Offices of Sterns & Walker today to speak with an experienced Bay Area injury attorney.